Welcome to the very first blog post at Wedding in Japan!  Since we are all new here, this is the perfect place to meet the planners!

Introducing Ayako and Ross Harrison – at your service!


Ayako Harrison – Wedding Planner

What is your name, and where were you born?
Ayako Harrison, nee Saito; Born in Tokyo

What was your major, and what was your first job?
I studied Russian at a language school.  After completing the language course, I started working as a sales clerk for brand boutiques, such as FURLA and Gucci.

Why did you start Serendipity Flower?
I have always liked flowers and decoration, and wanted do something on a more personal level, so I started flower arranging/teaching.  Soon the business branched out into wedding and party planning.

Why did you start Wedding in Japan?
The wedding planning industry is a multi-billion dollar industry world wide.  However, many wedding planning companies, especially in Japan, seem to be very impersonal.  They seem to be only interested in pushing their own interests, by devising inflexible wedding plans.  These must usually be paid in full regardless of how much of the plan you actually use.

Weddings in Japan are particularly strange: All weddings look pretty much the same, not unique at all.   With Wedding in Japan, I want to help clients make their own mark, in their own way, on their own special day.

Ross and Ayako Harrison, with Miles the teacup poodle

Ross Harrison – Communications/PR

What is your name and where were you born?
Ross Harrison, born in Dartford, in the south east of England, just outside London

What did you study at university, and what were your first jobs?
Music, I majored in Trumpet performance.  After graduation, I worked as a semi-professional musician in London – performing, teaching and conducting youth ensembles, and worked at the Royal Albert Hall.

When and why did you come to Japan?
I came to Japan in 2003.  As much as I enjoyed life as a musician, I didn’t feel fulfilled, so I set out on a “journey of self-discovery”.  This is when I met my wife!

What do you do with Wedding in Japan?
I am the main point of communication for international clients.  In addition to this, I do the occasional photography and filming for Ayako and her clients.