Vow Renewal

Elopement in Tokyo

Vow Renewal in Japan

On your trip to Japan, surprise your loved one with a Vow Renewal in Japan:  a non-religious ceremony, in English, to reaffirm your commitment to your spouse, in a beautiful Japanese garden, before a few friends and/or family.

Japan is a treasure trove of beauty spots, from parks, gardens, historical buildings and nature. So, on your next trip, why not surprise your loved one with a romantic, exotic "Vow Renewal in Japan?"

We are excited to present our garden plan for an intimate experience.  However, if you want something more personalized, contact us, and we will work with you to realize your vision.


These are our most popular plans, and can be organized just weeks in advance. Celebrate a special matrimonial milestone with a romantic vow renewal in a gorgeous Japanese garden or in a more urban setting, complete with optional kimonos and photo-shoot. The ceremony is in English with a distinct Japanese flavor.

Garden Plan

Recommit to your loved one in one of the many picturesque, romantic, traditional, Japanese Gardens in and around  Tokyo.  Any one of which offers a real flavor of Japan.   All ceremonies  are conducted in English, and are typically followed by a 45 minute  photo-shoot  around the garden.  

The whole  event, from meet up to finish will take about three to four  hours out of your  day (depending  on whether or not you choose to wear kimonos).  This plan includes:

  • Non-Religious Officiant
  • Photography
  • On-the-day-assistance
  • Transport for couple (from kimono studio to garden)
  • Garden fee
  • Certificate from Vow Renewal Japan


NB: Unfortunately, due to garden policy, the number of guests is limited to just four.  For more than four guests, please contact us.

Optional Add-Ons

  • Kimono for Bride and Groom
  • Guest kimonos
  • Professional Photography


Please note the  following:

  • Traditional Japanese gardens tend not to incorporate cherry blossom trees. These are planted in public parks and alongside rivers.
  • Use of gardens is subject  to a permit.

Garden  Vow Renewal

Note: Garden Vow Renewals are only available on weekdays.  If you wish to have a ceremony at a weekend or on a public holiday, please contact us.

Please be sure to check our cancellation policy before buying.

Tokyo City Vow Renewal

City Plan

Alternatively renew your vows in a more modern setting, such as Tokyo Bay, complete with cool city skyline, Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge.  

With a many restaurants close by, we can even complete the experience by making reservations at a restaurant of your choice.   

This plan includes:

  • Non-Religious Officiant
  • In-house photography
  • On-the-day-assistance
  • Venue fee
  • Certificate from Vow Renewal Japan

NB: Unfortunately, as with the Garden Plan, the number of guests is limited to just four.  For more than four  guests, please contact us.

Optional Add-Ons

  • Kimono for Bride and Groom
  • Guest kimonos
  • Professional Photography


Please  note  the following:
  • Tokyo Bay is located  far from central hubs like  Shinjuku or Shibuya, so if you want to include  these iconic spots in your photos, please contact us and we will make a bespoke plan for you.
  • The ceremony is not private, there will be members public in view of the proceedings.  If privacy is important to you,  contact us and we will put together something more intimate for you.


Portfolio Read: Tokyo City Vow Renewal

Bespoke Vow Renewal

If you have some more personalized in mind, awesome!  We would love to hear your ideas and see how we can help!  Simple complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to start planning your special day!

Is the vow renewal ceremony in English or Japanese?

It is in English.  Ross Harrison, from the UK, usually performs the ceremony.

Can we say our own vows?

Absolutely!  That is what you are here for.  If you don’t want to say your own vows, that’s cool too. 

Can we bring our own officiant?

If you have another officiant in mind, we will be happy to work with him or her.  This will not affect our pricing.

Can you book accommodation for us and our guests?

No, unfortunately now.  Every hotel has different pricing policies and terms and conditions, which can be a full-time job to stay on top of.

In addition to this Japan is unique in that some hotels charge per room and some charge per customer.  This is not always obvious, and so to avoid any problems or misunderstandings caused by potential games of “Chinese whispers” we suggest that couples book their accommodation, either directly or through third party booking sites such as expedia.com or booking.com. 

What we can do however, is present a list of hotels that we recommend – but please be sure to do your own research, and ask your guests to do the same, before booking any hotels, hostels or holiday rentals.

Do we have to wear kimonos

No, you don’t.  This is entirely optional.  If you don’t wish to wear kimonos, the price will be ¥60,000.

Can we buy the kimonos?

The vendors we tend to use rent out their kimonos.  If you want to buy, we would have to do a bit of research with other suppliers.  Please note, the cost of kimonos range from as little as ¥300,000 to as much as ¥10,000,000 ($2711 to $90,393 at the time of writing).

Can we get kimonos for my parents and guests?

With the Tokyo Garden Vow Renewal, this is easy to arrange, since we use tourist kimono vendors.

If you want something more special for you or your guests, please contact us before hand so we can arrange this for you, and discuss pricing options.

How many guests can we invite?

For the Tokyo Garden Vow Renewal, there is a general limit of just five guests. 

If you want to invite more, contact us and we will put together a personalized plan at a different location.

How many photos will we get?

The photo shoot will take up to an hour, and we will take as many photos as possible during that time.  We never count and don’t guarantee a specific number.  We take out the bad ones and send you all the good shots.  Clients usually receive anywhere between 150 and 200 photos.

How soon and how do we receive the photos?

This is different per photographer and their schedules.  Sometimes we have received within four days of an event, at others as much as three weeks. 

Our photographers deliver the photos direct to us, which we then deliver to the client via Drop Box. 

Given the distance this has proved the easiest, quickest and cheapest way.  Couples can then download all the photos and choose which ones to print through a local printing company.

Is hair and makeup included?

If you choose the Tokyo Garden Vow Renewal, hair styling is included, but not make up.

If you choose to put together a bespoke Vow Renewal plan we can book this for you.  Hair and makeup prices tend to start at ¥35,000 + tax and transaction fees.

Can you make restaurant reservations for us?

Yes, if you know which restaurant you want to dine at, we will be happy to contact them, and make the reservation on your behalf.

When is the best time of year to renew our vows?

This is very much personal choice, but here is a list of things to consider:

    1. January New Year Celebrations.  Most Gardens will be closed up to and around the 5th January.
    2. February/March – Cold, but beautiful in the mountains with wonderful powder sow in places like Nagano and Sapporo. 
    3. March/April – Cool, and at the end of March and Beginning of April a chance of coinciding with the cherry blossom.  This is also a very busy/popular time of year for Japanese, and so most venues with good cherry blossom views book up years in advance and may be crowded.
    4. May – the first week of May is Golden Week; a series of public holidays in succession, meaning many Japanese take paid holiday on either side to make a week-long period off work.  This is a very busy time of year for weddings and as with Cherry blossom, venues book out well in advance.  It is also high season in Japan, so higher than usual accommodation costs.
    5. June – Getting warm, but not too hot; beautiful flowers and greenery – an all round good time to get married.
    6. July – Starting to get Humid, but too humid.
    7. August – Very hot and Humid; high travel season, expensive accommodation costs.
    8. September – starting to cool down, but a chance of Typhoons and rain.
    9. October – the start of changing leaves, or “momiji”.  Another popular time of year to get married.  Not hot; not cold; beautiful colors; need to book at least a year in advance for wedding venues, but most gardens will be available.
    10. November – getting cooler but still a lot of “momiji” autumn scenery.
    11. December – First two weeks OK, after that Shrines are preparing for the New Year Celebrations.  From the 28th December ~ 3rd or 4th January, most venues and gardens will be closed.  It will be challenging to find a venue open to hosting a vow renewal during this period and will incur higher than usual planning costs.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please check out our cancellation policy for vow renewals here.


How do we pay?

There are three ways to pay:

For those living Japan and with a Japanese bank account, a direct wire transfer is the easiest way.

For those living abroad, you can either use PayPal, which enables credit card transactions, or TransferWise, which allows you to transfer directly from your non-Japanese bank account to ours.

How far in advance can/should we book?

This depends on whether you are having a full wedding, elopement or vow renewal. 

Most vow renewals can be booked in less than two months.  For our Garden Vow renewal plan we use public gardens in Tokyo that cannot be confirmed more than two months in advance.

For plans in Nara and Kyoto, we can book further out.

Weddings: we recommend you book no less than 10 months out, to increase our chances of securing your chosen venue on your chosen date.

Are you contracted to/with any particular venues and vendors?

No.  While we do have favorite vendors we like to use repeatedly, we are not contracted to or with anyone.  All suggestions are free from obligation and while we will make recommendations, with the exception of Tokyo Garden Vow Renewal, which is dependent on garden availability, you have the final choice in which vendors or venues you decide to use.

Can you organize tours for us and/or our guests?

We are not a tour company, so we can’t organize tours.  However, we can and are happy to make recommendations of any good tours that we know of.

Why is the planning fee more expensive for elopements and vow renewals outside Tokyo?

Quite simply, this is because we have to cover our transportation fee.  We are based in Tokyo, so any event outside the city will incur travel costs and if necessary, hotel stays.

We have partnered up with Vow Renewal Japan, a Non-Profit Organization aimed at promoting the culture of vow renewal within Japan.  Together we hope to offer the best of Japan to foreign visitors.