Vow Renewal Japan - Garden Ceremony
Serendipity in Partnership with Vow Renewal JapanSerendipity is proud to announce a new partnership with Vow Renewal Japan.  They are a non-profit organization working to promote the concept of vow renewals in Japan, which hitherto are not so common.  By partnering up with us, they also hope to open up Japanese culture to the world.


Japan is a place of exquisite, exotic, mysterious beauty, which make it a romantic destination for people who want to renew their vows.  With beautiful shrines, temples, gardens, parks and countless historic places, it offers no end of  possible locations for sightseers and people wanting to experience a little more, off the beaten track.


Culturally and historically, the Japanese people have placed a lot of significance on loyalty and respect, so, this makes Japan a logical choice for vow renewals!


What is a vow renewal?  

Vow renewal ceremonies have been popular in Italy from many years, and in the US since the 50s.  However, the popularity of these ceremonies only really started to take off in the 70s.


Quite simply it is an informal ceremony of recommitment to your partner or loved one.   It is a public (or not so public, which ever you wish) testament of the bond you entered into when you married.  Many people choose to do such ceremonies on their wedding anniversary or birthdays, or other important days.


For some married couples, it is an opportunity to celebrate a wedding they never had the chance to have.  For others, it is a chance to recommit after going through a difficult time in their marriage.


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Where can you hold a vow renewal ceremony?

With Vow Renewal Japan and Serendipity, you can have the ceremony practically anywhere!  Japan has an almost endless number of beautiful locations, such as gardens, parks or shrines.  And, with the distinct seasonal changes you could have a ceremony under the cherry blossom in spring; the blue sky in summer; red and orange “fire leaves” in autumn or in the winter snow with a beautiful mountain range as a backdrop.


Why Vow Renewal Japan?

Quite simply, if you want to rekindle the romance in your relationship, or have the ceremony you couldn’t have, this achieves both.  And it doesn’t break the bank!  Wedding costs are increasing, and it is difficult for foreigners to get the legal paperwork to marry in Japan.  Therefore, if you want a wedding ceremony here, we recommend you have a civil ceremony in your home country first.  Then, you can have a ceremony here.  And since you are already married, why not a simple, elegant vow renewal?