Tokyo Elopement Packages

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Tokyo Elopement Packages

Tokyo has a lot to offer, not least it’s shrines, gardens and city views!  Our Tokyo Elopement Packages capture the best of this vibrant modern city, while still proffering a nod to the traditions and customs of this enigmatic country.

We have four awesome Tokyo Elopement Packages to choose from: 

Shrine Plan

Garden Plan

City Plan

Restaurant Plan 

Each plan is different and offers our couples a uniquely Japanese experience while not breaking the bank!

Tokyo Elopement Shrine Package

Create a lifelong connection to Japan

Our Tokyo Shrine Elopement Package is quickly becoming our signature elopement plan.  And for good reason: it is simply stunning!  

Couples are fitted with gorgeous, high-quality, silk kimonos complete with all the trimmings and experience a traditional Shinto shrine wedding ceremony in one of several beautiful shrines in Tokyo. 

This plan includes

  • Shrine Fee & Shinto Priest
  • Kimono
  • Hair and make up
  • Professional photography
  • On-the-day-assistance
  • Transport for bride and groom to the garden


Optional Add ons:

  • Videography
  • Guest kimonos 


Shinto Shrine Wedding - Ring Exchange

Tokyo Elopement Garden Package

Simple elegance at its best

An Elopement in Tokyo, and Japan in general, is not all about shrines and temples.  The Japanese love the intersection between art and nature.  So what’s more Japanese than getting married or eloping in a stunning Japanese garden?!  

These gardens can offer an intimate, romantic elopement setting in Tokyo and we have scoured the city, searching for the best settings, and easiest places to book, for your special day.  With their natural and manicured beauty,  gardens in Tokyo can easily rival anything in Kyoto or Nara.  

If you picture yourself getting married in a beautiful gazebo over a pond, or with the sound of running water, or even in a tea room, we’ve got it covered!

Elope with your beau in a stunning Japanese Garden in Tokyo.  No frills needed when the gardens are beautifully maintained.  

From start to finish, garden elopements typically take anywhere from three to four hours out of your day. This leaves you with plenty of time to celebrate in your own special way, after the  ceremony and photo-shoot. 

This plan includes:

  • Officiant
  • In-house photography
  • On-the-day-assistance
  • Venue fee


Please note: there is a “rush fee” of ¥20,000 for   elopement requests made less than one month out.

Optional Add-ons:

  • Kimonos for bride and groom (casual summer or formal wedding styles)
  • Hair and Make up 
  • Guest kimonos 
  • Professional photography

Please Note the following:

  • Due to garden policies we have to limit the number of guests to just five people.  If you wish to include more than five people, let us know and we can discuss other options.
  • Japanese gardens typically do NOT incorporate cherry blossom trees.  These are planted in public parks and alongside rivers.  If Cherry blossom is important to you, contact us, and we will recommend other places.
  • Use of the gardens is subject to a permit.
Garden Elopement in Tokyo

Tokyo Elopement City Package

Modern Chic

If gardens are not your thing, get married with a stunning city backdrop.  It is a truly unique setting for the bold and adventurous; those who want something different.

The beauty of the cityscape from Odaiba is simply breathtaking and oh, so very romantic!  As dusk turns to night, the twinkling lights of the city, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower are like something from a fairytale!

This plan includes

  • Officiant
  • In-house photography
  • On-the-day-assistance
  • Venue fee


Please note: there is a “rush fee” of ¥20,000 for elopement requests made less than one month out.

Optional Add ons:

  • Kimono for bride and groom 
  • Guest kimonos
  • Professional photography 

Tokyo Elopement Restaurant Package

Garden and Dining

Ryoutei Yamaya is a picturesque 150 year old restaurant in Kawagoe, just north of Tokyo.  With private dining rooms and an intimate rustic garden, this is a perfect place for a quiet elopement ceremony followed by dinner for just the two of you or with a few guests.

Whether you want to wear a kimono or western wedding dress; have a ceremony with no guests or just a few guests and/or include some traditional Japanese music, this plan has it all.

Right in the heart of the old town, known as Little Edo, because of the many Edo era buildings and roads, it is the perfect opportunity to include a bit of history and culture into your special day.  If getting married in the spring, the river nearby provides a gorgeous cherry blossom setting to add to the true Japanese feel of this plan.

Kawagoe Elopement Plan; Tokyo Elopement Packages

This plan includes:

  • Officiant
  • Venue fee (per person food fee) 
  • Photography


Optional Add ons:

  • Couple’s Wedding Kimono, hair and makeup 
  • Couple’s casual kimonos 
  • Koto Player 
  • Third party officiant 

Bespoke Tokyo Elopement Package

Pricing Varies

If you want something more unique, contact us.  Perhaps we can put together a plan in one of many gorgeous Japanese Ryokans, which are famed for their beauty, tranquility and hospitality.  Or even include chauffeur driven cars to help you get from A to B, or even comlete the whole experience with a night-time chartered helicopter ride over the city.  Let us know your thoughts and we will be glad to help your vision come to reality.

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Let us know what we can do for you

If you are ready to choose from any of the above Tokyo Elopement Packages, contact us today to find out more.  If you want to put together something more personal, we would love to hear your ideas.  Just complete the information below and we will get back to you to start the ball rolling!