Arranging a surprise vow renewal ceremony for your loved one in a foreign country can be tricky.  The language, culture and unfamiliar surroundings can put up a seemingly insurmountable barrier to the lone husband or wife trying to deal with logistics and planning.  No matter how hard one tries, it can be near impossible to bring everything together for a complete surprise, that will blow your better half away, and win you a lifetime of brownie points.  For the reason, we have put together a plan to help you in your quest to pull off the perfect surprise.

Here are six things we can do to ensure a complete surprise vow renewal ceremony for your loved one:

  1. Meet you in your hotel or other pre-arranged place
  2. Kimono shop – choose the pattern, get fitted, with optional hair and make up.
  3. Go separately to the ceremony location
  4. First meet at the location
  5. Vow Renewal Ceremony
  6. Photoshoot & Picnic

Let’s look at each of these a little more closely.

Meet you in your hotel or other pre-arranged place

This is the most critical part of the surprise.  If we meet as wedding planners the game is up!  So, we will masquerade as tour guides that you have hired to help you and your loved one have a unique Japanese experience.   We’ll simply call it “Park Kimono Photoshoot”!  

We will meet you at a pre-arranged location, most likely the lobby of your hotel, “explain” the plan for the day, and proceed to the kimono shop.

Kimono shop

This is where the Japanese experience will start.  You can choose your own pattern, and with professional assistance, be fitted and prepared for a day of fun.  To top the experience, there can also be hair and makeup for the lady, but unfortunately, no make up for the men…sorry!

Travel Separately to the Kimono Photo-Shoot location

Next, we need to come up with a good excuse for separating you from your loved one.  Temporarily, of course!  We could say, we need to go and fill in some paper-work at the park before going ahead, or we can’t all fit into one taxi, which might be a bit more believable!  

Anyway, you catch my drift!  This is something we can work out together, prior to the event.

Surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony
Just one of many beautiful spots for your surprise vow renewal ceremony!

First meet at the location

This is where the surprise is sprung.  The “groom” or “bride” will be at a pre-arranged location, along with a photographer and the officiant.  Hopefully, as the awaiting party comes into view of the arriving bride/groom, the penny will drop, and the photographer will be on hand to capture the magical first reaction!

Vow Renewal Ceremony

With the first meet and initial photographs out of the way, the ceremony can get started.  If you have prepared a special reading, poem or letter for your loved one, you can top off the experience by telling him or her just how much he/she means to you.   

The tea ceremony: the most quintessential of Japanese experiences!

Photoshoot and picnic

Round off the experience with a location photo-shoot and a nice, intimate picnic for the two of you.  If the park has a tea room, why not complete the day with the quintessential Japanese experience: the tea ceremony?!

Surprises like this are difficult to pull off alone, so please, if you want to tell your loved one, just how much they mean to you, give us a shout.  Let us do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.  

But don’t worry, we will say it was all you!  😉