Vow Renewals

Surprise Vow Renewal

  • Event Date:12th April 2019

  • Planner:Ayako Harrison, Serendipity

  • Officiant:Ayako Harrison, Serendipity

  • PhotographerAyako & Ross Harrison

Spring has sprung a lot of surprises this year, especially with the number of surprise vow renewal requests.   These were pleasant surprises for us, as we rounded off our first year in business.  But, more importantly, pleasant surprises for one half of each couple who took part.


Surprise vow renewals are a great way to add romance to your travels and make them extra memorable.  We love it that our couples want to build a lasting connection with Japan, and we are only too happy to help!


Unlike the majority of our couples, these two did not require kimonos.  They were all about a low key ceremony in a beautiful location – of which there are many in Japan.


And because they were coming at the end of cherry blossom season, we tried a different garden than usual.  We wanted to try to maximize the chance of getting some of the pink stuff!  We weren’t disappointed.


Surprise Vow Renewal

On the day we met them at a subway station close by the park, and walked them to the venue.  At this point, it is worth noting that the wife, who was also celebrating a birthday that day, had no clue what was in store.  As far as she was concerned, we were just there to do a holiday photo-shoot in a Japanese garden.


This garden was a first for us, and so we were not entirely sure about where we would do the ceremony.  However, as we walked through the garden, the “groom” and I were constantly checking in with each other for the perfect place to spring the surprise.


When we found it, I took a few pictures to keep up the pretense a short while longer, then the husband hit her with the truth.  The surprise vow renewal was a surprise no more!  I think we can safely say the surprise had the desired affect, and I’m not sure anyone there was left with dry eyes!


I’m pretty sure she will not forget this birthday for a while!


As usual, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!


Surprise Vow Renewal in Tokyo


Surprise Vow Renewal Photo-Shoot

Surprise Vow Renewal among the Cherry Blossom

Tokyo Garden Photo-Shoot


What did the Couple Say?

From TripAdvisor

“I knew I wanted to surprise my wife by renewing our vows while we were visiting Japan, but that’s all I knew. I didn’t have the faintest idea how to make it happen and Ross and Ayako were so incredibly helpful and flexible.  I wanted to keep it pretty casual and they totally rolled with it and gave us the most amazing experience.  Ross officiated with love and professionalism. There were even a couple small gifts that I wasn’t expecting.  They made it even more special that I could’ve dreamed.  To Ross and Ayako – thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  And to anyone reading this and considering booking with Serendipity – do it! You’ll be so happy you did.”


Want to plan a Surprise Vow Renewal for your loved one on your next trip to Japan?  Contact us today and let’s talk!  🙂

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