Summer Elopement in Tokyo

  • Date:17th June 2019

  • Planner:Ayako Harrison

  • Officiant:Ross Harrison

  • Photography:Ross & Ayako Harrison

One of the things we pride ourselves on is finding places off the beaten-tourist-path.  In other words, we look to hidden Japan for inspiration for our elopements and vow renewals.  And one of our favorite gardens was the perfect setting for this romantic, intimate, summer elopement in Tokyo.

The garden is situated in a quiet residential area of Tokyo, not too far from the general hubbub of Shinjuku.  Yet, it possesses a particular “other-world” feel which is suited for the kinds of events we like to do.  The lush foliage diffused the sunlight beautifully, illuminating our couple for one of the most romantic shoots we have ever done as in-house photographers for our couples.

This wedding was an elopement in the truest meaning of the word.  It was last minute and romantic.  So last minute was it, that the  couple were already traveling around Japan when they called us.  And each time we communicated before the wedding day they were in a different city.  They had started in Hokkaido and were making their way down the main island of Honshu.

Early Summer Elopement in Tokyo

Early summer in Japan can be hit-and-miss.  The rainy season often starts at the beginning of June and stretches through early July.  This year was the worst rainy season I have ever experienced, with more, heavier rain than usual.  However, on this day, it was glorious sunshine and something was in the air!  Perhaps it was love!  Corny, yes, but everything just seemed to align for this couple.

Meeting for the first time was just like meeting old friends;  the conversation flowed as we immediately hit it off!  The conversation continued to flow over coffee, just before arriving at the kimono studio, the main topic of which was our shared love of animals! We shared photos and stories, and just laughed!

It truly was a good day!


Because the weather was getting warmer, the couple were given a choice between summer weight kimonos (Yukatas) or regular, all weather kimonos.  They were the first couple to opt for Yukatas, and they looked stunning.  The kimono fitting is a lot of fun for artistic and creative people.  They get to mix and match colors, patterns and accessories.  The bride was a natural, and looked stunning. (Did I say that already?!)  In fact she was so good at coordinating her patterns and colors, the vendors joked that she could come and work for them!

They were a blast to work with and a pleasure to photograph.  See for yourself:

Summer Elopement in Tokyo

Kimono Elopement, Tokyo
The bride was just stunning in her self-coordinated and accessorized Yukata!

Stunning Garden Elopement

Japanese Summer Kimono - Yukata

Elopement Photo-shoot
Garden Teahouse Elopement

Summer Elopement in Tokyo

What Did the Couple Say?

From TripAdvisor

“My fiance and I went to Japan for an elopement. We didn’t have solid plans, just a month to spend and a desire to have a unique wedding. After a web search I came into contact with Ross. He and his wife Ayako were amazing in every way. They put together an impromptu wedding in a beautiful garden, picked us up from the hotel and guided us through kimono selection, provided a beautiful service as the garden itself, and then sent us amazing photos of the event after. I highly recommend anyone seeking vow renewals or a wedding in Japan seek out this company. You won’t find a better couple to work with.”

Are you ready to start thinking about your elopement in Japan?  If so, feel free to reach out to us today.  We would love to hear from you!

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