Japanese Shrine Elopement

  • Project DateJanuary 28, 2017

Japanese Shrine Elopement - Shinto Style
Photography, Ross Harrison, Serendipity


This Japanese shrine elopement was a lot of fun!  In fact, this one was a turning point for us.  We received an email three weeks in advance from this couple, who wanted to see if it was at all possible to have a Japanese ceremony, on their visit to the country.  We immediately jumped at the opportunity to work with this wonderful couple, bride from Venezuela, and groom from Britain.


The elopement ceremony was held in early November at Hikawa Shrine, Numabukuro.  Despite it being a local shrine, it is picturesque and romantic, especially for these two, once they had donned their kimonos, complete with fans and umbrellas!  Furthermore, since in autumn, the weather was cool, not hot, and sunny – perfect for an outdoor event!


A Japanese Shrine elopement ceremony lasts just 20 minutes.  Although the vows are in Japanese, we coached them a little, and they were up for the challenge.  The staff at the shrine were awesome!   They presented them with a miniature ornamental shrine for them to take home.   This will surely  remind them of their once in a life-time experience.


What did the Couple Say?

From Email:

“We were initially nervous about our decision to elope, but once we considered the possibility of doing so in Japan and upon the discovery of Ayako and Ross’ work, we were completely reassured that they could make our dreams come true.
With Ayako’s professionalism in organising everything and Ross’ impeccable photography skills, they both went above and beyond to make everything as perfect as they could be, and then some!
Ayako’s wealth of experience with local businesses and locations were invaluable in making the day fit every hope that we had.
Firstly, the local kimono, hair and makeup service were fantastic. Angie had a dedicated hair and make up lady who was just incredible; friendly and knowledgeable.
The shrine was absolutely gorgeous, and the shrine master and his wife welcomed us even more warmly than we could’ve ever hoped. They patiently took us through the ceremony and traditions, and Ayako was there to translate and guide us through; which kept the experience completely authentic but still accessible.
After the ceremony we had our pictures taken professionally and we will treasure them forever; everyone was astonished when they saw them.
In short, we can not recommend Ayako and Ross enough. If you want to go on the adventure of a lifetime and celebrate your marriage in Japan, there is no better place than Serendipity Flower to have your wedding perfect.”

Interested in a Japanese Eloping in Japan?  Click here for more information!

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