Getting Married in Japan

  • Wedding Date28th August 2018

  • PhotographyRoss Harrison

“If you are getting married in Japan, do the legal paperwork back home!” That is what we used to tell our clients who wanted to tie the knot here. We still do, to be honest, but this couple challenged us to test that notion. And it was a success!  Getting a marriage license anywhere can present its challenges, no less so than if you are getting married in a country in which neither the bride nor the groom reside!

Getting Married in Japan
Having got the necessary paperwork from the embassy, they can’t hide the excitement as they put pen to paper to sign their marriage license!


She from the US and he from the UK, they decided to tie the knot here in Tokyo. It was easier, they felt, than to go through the paper work in their home countries.  I’ll be honest, we had our doubts.  But you probably guessed that already!  We had never known this to be possible before.  However, their enthusiasm and desire to do the deed here in Japan won us over.  We decided to give it a shot!


They decided against any form of ceremony, opting instead to just sign the paper in the presence of their parents and witnesses, in a beautiful little garden in Tokyo.  They came at the tail end of an extremely hot and humid summer.  It was still rather warm, so it was probably just as well they didn’t opt for a full ceremony, since wearing any formal clothes, western or Japanese would have been incredibly uncomfortable.


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This involved us doing a lot of research, making multiple telephone calls, and taking numerous trips to the city hall in Shinjuku, Tokyo.   However, after all that, we were confident that we could pull it off.

We did!

Before they had arrived, we had done the ground work with the city hall, but there was nothing we could do about the embassy, that was out of our control.  It was also the part of the day that made us the most nervous.  However, once that went through without a hitch, we knew it could be done!

Thank you to Raisha and Nikhil for letting us be a part of your big day, and for trusting us with the all important paperwork! We wish you nothing but a lifetime of love, happiness and laughter.

We still recommend people to do the legal paperwork in their home countries.  However, we will be happy to help others do the deed here, if they so wish.

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