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Unique: Game Center Wedding

  • Project DateNovember 13, 2016


A game center wedding!  Two avid video gamers met through their hobby, and found love in each others company.  The wedding and reception was attended by close family and friends; it was an experience that no one who was involved with will never forget!


Held in the hottest part of summer, they opted for an indoor ceremony at the place where it all began: a game center!  This was not only a first for us as wedding planners, but also the game center, who had never hosted anything like this before. So much so, the couple had tried several wedding planners and companies, who shied away from this project… Then they came to us!


I don’t need to tell you that a game center is a very unique place to host a party, let alone a wedding!  It was important for the couple to have a game center wedding, because they wanted to help break down the societal prejudice towards gamers.  They are often told to “grow up” or are called “nerds” by their peers.  What is their critics overlook is that there is a wonderful community that surrounds gaming.  They said told me that the games themselves “are merely tools by which they communicate.”  When they put it like that, who could say no to this lovely couple?!

The wedding was a non-religious affair, more akin to a vow renewal.  It was happy, and the celebrations lasted long.

This was such a unique wedding that it made the Japanese news, and twitter loved it!

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