French Restaurant

  • Project DateOctober, 2016

  • Feature PhotographMacky Kawana

  • Restaurant NameBenoit, Tokyo


French Restaurant Wedding
Photograph, Macky Kawana

This lovely Japanese couple had already gotten married in Hawaii, and wanted to celebrate with friends and family at a French Restaurant, here in Tokyo.  Since they loved desserts, this restaurant was the perfect choice for them!


The restaurant is in Omotesando, a fashionable part of Tokyo, with lots of up-market shopping centers, boutiques and cafes.   In autumn, the tree leaves at the nearby Aoyama Gakuin (university campus) turn into amazing shades of yellow and red.  This makes for spectacular views as guests arrive at the restaurant.


French Restaurant Wedding Reception
Photograph, Macky Kawana

Since they were already married, the couple wanted to focus on their friends and family.  60 guests attended the reception to help the couple celebrate their life together.

The theme was Alice in Wonderland, so the desserts offered up by this French restaurant fitted the occasion perfectly.  Prior to this reception they had never done a dessert buffet, however, they took no convincing that this would be a great addition to their menu!

The restaurant is on the 10th and 11th floor, with stunning views over the surrounding areas.  The large windows on three sides, allowed for bright sunlight, thus contributing to a wonderful ambiance, which was enjoyed by wedding couple and guests alike.

An interesting side note:  Restaurants in Japan usually charge a rental fee for the duration of the event, however at Benoit (produced by Alain Ducasse) they do not ask such a thing.  They charge for food and drink only, thus making a restaurant party much more palatable to event planners.


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