Vow Renewals

Destination Vow Renewal

  • Event Date:11th April 2019

  • Planner:Ayako Harrison, Serendipity

  • Officiant:Ross Harrison, Serendipity

  • Photographer:Ist - Kohyoh Iwata; 2nd Ross Harrison

This was a relatively last minute destination vow renewal request.  Actually, we’ve been getting a lot of last minute requests this year – but we are so happy to do them because we can!  Everything is in place and it’s nice to know we can put on this kind of event at the drop of a hat!


This couple were celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary.  And as self-confessed lovers of Japan, they always knew they would celebrate their 1st year milestone in Tokyo.   In fact, they often make the trip to Tokyo, so it was only natural that they would celebrate with a vacation vow renewal!


They opted for our Garden Vow Renewal plan and boy did they make the right choice!!  The garden was in full bloom and there was even a tiny bit of Cherry blossom left.  Our photographer, Kohyoh Iwata (https://www.instagram.com/koh.yoh/), did an awesome job as usual.


Why Choose a Destination Vow Renewal?

If you are self-confessed Japan lovers, like this couple, what better way to mark your unique connection to this country than to recommit to your beau while you are here on vacation?

The gardens in the capital are stunning and offer the perfect backdrop for ceremony and photographs.   By completing the occasion wearing kimonos and getting in touch with true Japanese culture, they will be sure to not forget this special day for a longtime to come.


Vow Renewal Day

Usually we meet couples at their hotel, but this time we met them outside Shinjuku Station.  This was possibly the most nerve-racking moment of the day.  It wasn’t nerve-wracking because we were meeting new people, we LOVE meeting new people, but because Shinjuku station is the busiest station in the world!  They handle 3.5 million passenger journeys daily.  To put that into context, the entire London Underground system handles up to 5 million!!


Luckily there were no problems and after meeting them, we took them to our usual Kimono vendors – if you have followed our portfolios up to now you probably know the drill:


  • Meet the client at Shinjuku Station
  • Take them to the Kimono vendor
  • Choose the Kimono and hair accessories
  • Take a Taxi to the garden
  • Have the ceremony, which lasts 10 – 15 minutes
  • An hour’s photo-shoot taking in the entire garden.
  • Return the Kimonos
  • End


The weather

Spring this year was very changeable, and we never quite knew what to expect.  Some days were really rather cold, yet others were quite hot!  This day was hot, and the sun incredibly bright!  It highlighted – literally – all the freshly bloomed flowers around the garden and the colors were awesome!


We love this garden because it is beautifully maintained throughout the year.  And don’t forget, we are still in our first year of business, and so even we didn’t know what to expect from the garden in Spring.  But it blew us away.  It was so beautiful.


Everyone was happy; the bride cried (happy tears) which she apparently was not able to do on her wedding day (score!), and the photos are great.  Speaking of photos, I’ll let them speak for themselves:


Destination Vow Renewal in Beautiful Japanese Garden
Photography – Iwata Kohyoh
The red string of destiny - great for vow renewals
Photographed by Iwata Kohyoh


Destination Vow Renewal in beautiful Japanese Garden in Tokyo
Photography: Iwata Kohyoh
Vacation Vow Renewal
Photographed by Ross Harrison
Japanese Garden Kimono Photo-Shoot
Photographed by Ross Harrison
Smiles All Round! Photography: Iwata Kohyoh

If you want to have your own destination vow renewal ceremony in a Japanese garden or with a cool city view, contact us today and let’s start talking!

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