Mountainside Vow Renewal

If you like the great outdoors, if you are one for hiking, or winter sports, boy, do we have a vow renewal/elopement plan for you: Mountainside Vow Renewal!  We have wanted to put together a plan for outdoorsy people for a while now.  However until now we haven’t come across the right opportunity.  Well, that is about to change!

Hakuba (白馬) is deep in the snow country of Nagano, and experiences four to five months of the white stuff every year.  And in the summer, when the rest of Japan is sweltering from unforgiving heat and humidity, the folk in Hakuba are enjoying a balmy coolness, much to the envy of most of the country.

We are still to finalize the details, but we were too excited to hold anything back, and simply had to tell someone!  The general idea is, to combine the beautiful, natural outdoors with a luxury stay in a stunning mountain side apartment.  And the best part?  This apartment is right in front of a ski slope!

In summer, you have the freedom of the mountain.  If you have envisaged a mountain top ceremony, this is for you!  Imagine the breathtaking scenery of the Japan Alps, as you declare your commitment to your beau.  Or, if water is more your thing, have your ceremony beside one of the rivers running through the village.   Perhaps you prefer mysterious forests!!  Whatever you choose, the photos will be stunning.

Hakuba Mountainside Vow Renewal
Hakuba Mountainside Vow Renewal

In the snow season, we can scoop out a ceremony spot, fill it with candles, and create the perfect, intimate romantic setting for your special occasion.  It will be magical, like a fairy tale!  

Luxury Apartment Stay

And then there is the apartment.  A three bedroom, 5-star-hotel-luxury place to call your own on your special day.  The best thing about the apartment, apart from the view of the mountain, and the sheer luxury-ness of it, is the restaurant on the ground floor, Luce.  So, if you don’t want to cook for yourselves, there is always the cook on the ground floor!

Hakuba Mountainside Apartments
Hakuba Mountainside Apartment interior

If you are a fan of snow, skiing, snow boarding, or the great outdoors, watch this space!  Turn your vow renewal or elopement into an intimate two or three day, or more stay in the beautiful mountainside of Hakuba!

If you can’t wait, simply contact us, and let’s start talking!