What is it?

Perhaps one of the best kept secrets in Tokyo is a small Japanese garden called Mejiro Teien.  It is a beautiful Japanese garden which was designed in the kaiyu (walking promenade) style.  A path leads visitors on a route around a large pond surrounded by a diverse selection of plants and flowers that bloom and change with the seasons.  With its elegant little waterfall and a teahouse, this is a wonderful, romantic location for a wedding or vow renewal.  So much so, that this is our go-to site for our vow renewal garden plan.


Why is this Japanese garden special?

Vow Renewal Japan - Garden Ceremony - Japanese garden
This picture, by one of our VIP photographers – Anthony Tran, was taken in the gazebo of Mejiro Teien.

Quite simply, it is picturesque!  Countless locations within the garden provide the perfect backdrop for your photographs: in the gazebo; beside the pond; in front of the water fall; under the tea room; beneath the canopy etc, etc, etc!

On entry, you are greeted by glorious canopy of beautiful, lush greenery of all shades.  The leaves of which diffuse the sunlight in ways that any photographer would love, and form a natural tunnel leading up to the tea room.


Turning right after entering the garden will lead you down a gentle slop towards the pond and the gazebo.  This is the natural choice of location for any ceremony.  It overlooks the pond, with brightly colored koi carp and visiting ducks, which in spring use the garden as a base to raise their young.  The gentle splashing and quacking of young birds provides a lovely, natural soundtrack to any event.


As you continue around the pond, you come across an elegant little waterfall, with large stepping stones.   This is another gem of a spot for photographers: just be careful not to fall in!!  After this, the path turns upwards to a fork.  The first of which leads to a secluded lawn, perfect for group photos and romantic selfies.  The second, goes back down toward the pond, and beneath the tea room, with viewing benches.  The locals like to sit here for hours in the spring and autumn soaking up the beauty of the garden.


Mejiro, Japanese Garden autumn night light up
In Tokyo during the autumn? Be sure to allow time in your itinerary to see the night-time light up. It is absolutely stunning!

Why use this Japanese Garden?

This little Japanese garden is a perfect, intimate setting for a small vow renewal ceremony at any time of year.  First, you can utilize the gazebo over the lake which offers an ideal location for the actual ceremony.  After this, the meandering path around the pond will offer multiple photo opportunities.  So, given the natural beauty of the garden, whether you indulge yourselves with professional photography or not, the pictures are sure to be stunning.  Finally, it is possible to hire the tea room for that quintessential Japanese experience – the tea ceremony.  


Whether are in Tokyo to have your vow renewal/wedding ceremony or not, make sure you leave time in your itinerary to check out this little gem!


Interested in renewing your vows in this gorgeous little garden?  Click here for more information!

Disclaimer: Use of the Garden is subject to availability.  It is not exclusive to Serendipity