Fuji View Elopement Ideas

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Mount Fuji is perhaps the most iconic view in Japan, and it is little wonder that many people flock to see the conical mount, and even less wonder that Fuji view elopement packages are growing in popularity.. 

 It really is quite stunning, especially in spring and autumn when the peak can be seen most clearly.  If you are lucky you can view it through the cherry blossom in spring or changing leaves in autumn: a sight that never gets boring!

Mount Fuji can be seen from many vantage points in Tokyo and surrounding areas.  However the best views are in Yamanashi from the Kawaguchi and Yamanaka Lakes, which sit at the foot of the mountain.  

Below we will compile some suggested Fuji view elopement packages to make the most of this famous Japanese sight.

Fuji View Elopement Packages

Photo Credit: Photo by Catriona Palo on Unsplash

Lakeside Elopement Idea

A ceremony in the shadow of a Japanese icon

There are two lakes at the foot of Mount Fuji, Kawaguchi-ko and Yamanaka-ko.  They both offer stunning views of the mountain and are picturesque spots, perfect for little wedding ceremonies and vow renewals.

Kawaguchi-ko boasts a few lakeside parks perfect for simple ceremonies, while it is possible to get right down to the water’s edge at Yamanaka-ko.  Both areas have a unique charm: Yamanaka-ko is quite rustic; Kawaguchi-ko, more chic.

A plan like this would/could include the following:

  • Officiant
  • Ceremony 
  • Kimonos for the bride and groom
  • Professional Hair and Makeup
  • Professional Photography
  • Mini-tour and photo-shoot around the area, takin gin Chureito Pagoda (see image at the top of the page)


Possible Options:

  • Charter Helicopter to and from Mt. Fuji.
  •  Romantic picnic for two

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