Elopement in Tokyo
Try one of the many gardens in the capital for an intimate, romantic Elopement in Tokyo.   We have scoured the city, selecting the best settings, and easiest places to book, for your special day.  The natural and manicured beauty of each rivals anything in Kyoto or Nara.  So, whether you picture yourself getting married in a beautiful gazebo over a pond, or with the sound of running water, or even in a tea room, we have got it covered!
The four parks offer something unique for each couple.  There is intimacy at Mejiro and Otaguro; rustic charm at  Arusigaawamiya and the beautifully landscaped open expanse at Higo-Hosokawa.  Open all year round, these parks will provide a different backdrop depending on the season: a chance of snow in winter; cherry blossom and fresh greenery in spring; the sound of the cicadas and clear blue skies in summer, and of course the changing leaves in autumn.
So, as you can see, an elopement in Tokyo, and Japan in general, is not all about shrines and temples.  The Japanese love the intersection between art and nature.  So what’s more Japanese than getting married or eloping in a stunning Japanese garden in Tokyo?!
Please note – for vow renewals at these same gardens click here.

Elopement in Tokyo – Garden Information and Pricing:

Elopement in Tokyo - Plans
Check out the gardens below!

Otaguro Garden

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This gorgeous garden used to be the private residence of a famous music critic, and is located 9 minutes from Ogikubo station in Suginami-ku ward,  Tokyo.  The entrance and avenue leading in to the garden is like a path to another world.   The lines and perspective will add drama to any photo, let alone a wedding snap.

These pictures were taking in July, as the hot summer months were taking hold.  The cicadas were in full voice and foliage at its greenest.  Just stunning!

And, for those wanting an intimate setting, it rarely gets crowded.  It truly is a hidden gem!

Elopement in Tokyo

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Elopement in Tokyo

Elopement in Tokyo
This Gazebo: the perfect setting for your Elopement in Tokyo!



This beautifully manicured garden is a personal favorite.  It was designed as a stroll garden, with a winding path taking the visitor around the large central pond.  During the Edo period it used to belong to the home of a family called Higo-Hosokawa, hence the name.  However, it changed hands several times in the early part of the 20th century, before opening to the public in 1961.

It sits in a suburban area, alongside the Edo River, and with its high walls, hides itself well from the outside world.   But, stepping through the typical Japanese gate, the garden opens up with each step.  The most common word uttered by visitors entering the garden is “wow!”

The staff are incredible friendly, and encourage photography and ceremony.  So proud are they of this garden that they have taken it on themselves to provide a map of best photo spots for the photographer!  How awesome is that!?

Elopement in Tokyo

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Japanese tea rooms
Should the weather not be on our side on the day of the Elopement, we can simply use a room in this beautiful tea house!

Elope in Tokyo


Mejiro Teien

This very compact, intimate & romantic setting is right in the heart of suburbia, about 10 minutes from Ikebukuro station.  It is so peaceful, that you would not believe that you are close to the 4th busiest station in the world!

It is a beautiful Japanese garden which utilizes the kaiyu (walking promenade) style.  A path leads visitors on a route around a large pond surrounded by a diverse selection of plants and flowers that bloom and change with the seasons.  With its elegant little waterfall and a teahouse, this is a wonderful, romantic location for an elopement or vow renewal.
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Arusigawamiya Park

In MinamiAzabu, this heavily wooded park is a rustic retreat near Hiro-o Station.  The area is a residential favorite for expats and is surrounded by foreign embassies and import shops.  Within the park itself, the size of a large city block, there is a wide array of natural beauty.  And, together with the charming bridge and steep staircase, this place lends itself to portrait photography.

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