In recent years Japan has become an increasingly popular tourist destination.  And for good reason: the place is simply stunningly beautiful, the people friendly and the customer service second to none!  This is great for Japan, and for travelers, both those seeking a unique travel experience and for those wanting a destination wedding.

For people who want to have their wedding, elopement or vow renewal, the problem is knowing where and how to start.  There are thousands of possible places in which to have a romantic get-a-way and intimate ceremony.  But, the language problem is real.  

This is not bad, of course.  But if you are seeking a peaceful, romantic destination wedding, not disturbed by tourists, then the challenge is real.  This is where we come in.  We love Japan, and we love all those amazing tourist spots.  But we also love finding places off the beaten tourist path; places that will offer a much more unique, customizable experience for our clients; one  that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  

Who are We?

We are an international couple.  Ayako, the wedding planner, is from Japan and (I) Ross, responsible for PR and point of contact, am from the UK.  We married in Japan and had a wedding party in the UK.  You need a wedding planner who understands the cultural differences and challenges of getting married in another country.  That’s us!
We exclusively work with international couples, both here in Japan and from overseas.   Ayako is flower teacher, florists and table coordinator, and for the last 5 years a wedding planner in Japan.  In addition to my work at Serendipity, I am a leadership coach, English teacher and a photographer.  
How does this help you?
  • You have native speaker support
  • You have experienced wedding planner with a cool and growing network of wedding vendors and service suppliers, including kimono specialists, wedding venues, shrines, hair and make-up artists, photographers, DJs, caterers, etc
  • You have someone who can guide you as you navigate the ins and outs of a wedding in Japan
  • You have a point of contact in the country before, during and after the big day
  • We love dogs, so you know we are cool people!  

Want to find out more?  Contact us, and we will fill you in!



An  accomplished and experienced florist with  Serendipity Flower, she started out teaching floral arrangements, and making to-order bouquets for special occasions.  She worked with many engaged couples helping them them design and make floral arrangements for their wedding day; it was only natural to extend her service offering to include complete wedding planning and theme design.  She loves the occasional glass of wine, and her favorite movie is Love Actually.


Originally from London, UK, where he was a semi-professional trumpet player, he has lived and worked in Japan for 15 years.  He was supposed to return to the UK in 2005, but somehow forgot!!  After providing part-time support for Serendipity since it was established, he has recently started getting more involved in PR and communications, as well as a spot of  photography.   He is a bit of a YouTube addict, and has made a few videos of Miles the dog!

Miles the dog

We have to be honest here: he doesn't do much, but we're glad to have him on the team!  He looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth...!  A smart little fella, he even has his own instagram page!